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Wednesday: The New 3

Ryan Hall Not Running, Considering Getting a Coach | NewswireHow could I resist?  You can read my personal thoughts on Ryan hall here.  And the full article here.

Last night we BEAT LA!  We had tickets to the Dbacks v Dodgers game (thanks Mom and Dad!) and it was quite the pitchers dual.  Dbacks came out on top 1-0.

This morning was a brisk 4 mile run. It felt great out there.  Almost chilly.  And the run went well to0.  46:20 or thereabouts.  I am trying to make 4 the new 3.  I don’t even know what my plan said to do this week.  I will have to look.

Because of the game and our late arrival back home (is 9:30 late to anyone else?), I didn’t make our overnight oats.  So this morning was a boring, and yet still delicious, protein bar and coffee.  And there were carrots.  There are always carrots but I can’t keep posting those boring pictures.


Turkey burger on a sandwich round with guacamole and veggie straws.  Another wonderful nectarine.

For dinner, we went out.  It was “date night”.  I hate the pressure of date night.  Why do I have to date my own husband?  But it is nice to get out.  I had a Groupon to a NY style deli that sounded good.  I had chicken salad.  I was not impressed.  Michael had a Reuben and said it was great.

Speaking of Groupon, I had one for some cupcakes back in NC (Bows ‘n’ Batter for anyone local).  I didn’t have a chance to use it before we left so I gave it to my good friend J. When she tried to use it, a couple of times, the woman told her that she “was no longer honoring Groupons.”  That they were in some sort of dispute and Groupon owed her money.  But she was more than happy to make my friend some cupcakes at the normal price.  I don’t believe I would have handled it that way if I were a small business owner.   Word of mouth can make or break a small business and you would want as many people to try your product as possible.  Maybe she could have offered her own reduced rate?  Or some sort of deal of her own?  But now what she gets is people like me telling all of you of the bad experience.  Good luck with your cupcake business.  Really.

But my experience with Groupon, however, went much differently.  Upon hearing of our trouble, they immediately credited my account for the price of the Groupon.  So do I believe (or care) about her dispute?  Maybe, but tot so much.


Sloth Sunday

teaserIMG_2548_.jpgIs kicking off with some TENNIS!  Not sure who to root for in this one actually.  I like them both.

Then there will be baseball, a trip to Costco, etc.  Maybe some daiquiris I made yesterday!

It is totally NOT my picture and you can find all of her awesome recipes here.  Including the overnight oats that I am trying to like (its a texture thing).

Gotta go.  Tennis is getting ready to start.

Happy Labor Day - I've really enjoyed the last few months of you not yelling at the TV every weekend.College Football is back.  Just put me in a coma until the 2nd week of January.

The thermostat war wages on.

Figured out the sprinkler system today.

Ran my 4.  Doing well.

Stayed up way too late watching US Open tennis and for all of my commitment and dedication, I did not get the result I wanted.

Not sure what the rest of the day holds.  What about you?

Weekend Recap

I just put my 4 miles in for today.  I wasn’t expecting to do 4 miles, but the plan said 4. So I did 4.

This weekend seemed low key.  Friday night was yummy spaghetti dinner, too much Say Yes to the Dress and Bill Maher.

Long Run Saturday was an early 5 miles.  Then I took Michael to experience Sprouts.  And we went to the baseball game.

Sloth Sunday really was that.  We went to PetsMart.  Michael cooked a bbq recipe from DDD and I made guacamole from scratch!  I took some over to my BIL and we took my sister for FroYo.

I think I may make this a short week (and extra long weekend) by taking Friday off.  And I still owe you Food Friday from last week!  The picture is a preview.

Sloth Sunday

Yesterday was a very productive day.  We picked up our veggies/fruit, joined a gym, had lunch, went out to my parents and made a quick spin through the grocery store. I rode my bike and checked out the canal!

Today, because we joined the gym, I am taking my run inside.  I am planning somewhere between 5 and 6 but I am going to LISTEN to my IT Band and if it starts to hurt at all, that is it.  I haven’t mentioned it lately because I didn’t want to jinx it. But it has been much, much better.

I have the women’s marathon on the DVR.  NO SPOILERS!