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Thursday: Veeps and Birds

As I type this, the O’s and Yanks are in the 12th.  Let’s Go Birds!!!!!

Today was a “rest” day.  And I really did nothing today.  Well, I took the dogs to daycare, dealt with the handyman fixing the toilets and the sprinklers, met my sister for lunch, saw her office (nice view!), picked the dogs up from daycare, finished the laundry and made dinner.  So yea, I did nothing.

I didn’t eat breakfast.  Had french toast for lunch.  A peach.  And chicken with a potato and broccoli for dinner.  And a dum dum.  I think it was mango.

We caught a few minutes here and there of the VP debate.  I enjoy Biden.  Always have.  You never know what is going to fly out of his mouth and yet he is incredibly smart and can be articulate.  Ryan, I just can’t take him seriously.

And the A’s need another miraculous ending tonight.  PLEASE.

Since we are doing a trail run on Saturday, I am attempting my Long Run on Saturday.  Be thinking of me and send good vibes as you read this.