Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, Dec 28

My mood could be described as middle of the road.  My visit with my family is coming to an end and that is always a bit sad.  But going home feels nice as well. I am looking forward to seeing my husband, dogs and cats.  And that we have a fun New Year’s Eve race with friends!  And then a nice long weekend to recover.

Fitness: Is the easier of the two to cover.  I did 3 miles this morning.  I walked the first half and ran the second.  Which actually puts me at 18 miles since I have been in Arizona.  Not too shabby.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and pumpkin bread.  Lunch was an egg scramble, potatoes and an english muffin.  Dinner was two soft steak taco’s from Chipotle. There was a Bud Light and some Chex Mix in there somewhere.

Hockey tomorrow night on the way home.  We are NO longer in last place!!!

About nfoste2245

I am approaching 40 and have been married since my early 20's. I have become more than a little frustrated with having to answer incredibly personal questions about my choice to not have children. It is apparently taboo to talk about religion and politics, but confronting me about my reproductive choices is fair game. It is not a choice I made alone, quickly or lightly. My husband and I made it together. I am not "withholding" children or grandchildren from anyone. There is an astonishing lack of understanding over the idea that it is an actual choice, to have a child or not. There is also an amazing lack of support, discussion and resources for those like me, that have made the choice. This is not a blog for kid-haters, or mocking people for having kids. It is a place where we can talk about living full lives, without kids, and without guilt.

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