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Weekend Recap: Awards

Where to begin?  Last week was a whirlwind of packers, boxes, movers, trucks, unhappy cats, anxious dogs, and living out of a duffel bag.

Tuesday, they came to pack the house.  Wednesday, they came to load it on a truck.  By Thursday, we were on the road.

Two cars, two dogs, three cats, and six fish made it 2,170 miles across seven states in 3 days!  We made it to Arizona!!!  And everyone is still alive.  Even the fish.  I was AMAZED at how well everyone, including me, did in the cars and hotels.

I have some awards to give.

To Tennessee:  The state that spent the most time with us.  And is the best protected.  We saw two state troopers every 5 miles or so for over 400 miles.

To Arkansas:  Where I saw the most dead number of these (8)

And not a single Walmart.

To Oklahoma:  Where we saw the most dust devils (4) and came in a close second in the dead armadillo category with 3.  And it also wins the most nothing category.  And two Walmart’s.

To Texas:  Where Michael just had to go here during our stay in Amarillo
Big Texan
And no, he did not try the 72 ounce challenge.  The food was so-so at best. Texas was also where we saw the first of these

 Texas wind farm

I just thought it was too cool.

To New Mexico: The prettiest state I think I have ever seen.  We actually arrived in New Mexico about 10 minutes before leaving Amarillo.  So, you see?  Time travel is possible.  There were more wind farms in New Mexico.

And finally to Arizona:  Where we saw more dust devils, got hit with a monsoon and made record time due to high speed limits and two time zone changes.  Our new city of Phoenix

View of Phoenix from South Mountain

Regarding: News

Front of house - 1310 E Pedro Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042Well, there has been a lot going on around here the past few months and it was purposely kept off the blogosphere.  But now it is time to share.

First:  We decided to put our house up for sale back in April.  That might (if anyone reads and remembers) help explain why I was doing so much cleaning and decorating this spring.  Does anyone remember the tips about getting hairspray stains off the walls.  Or all of the Magic Eraser work? Well, there you go.  And I can patch drywall like a champ!

Second:  It sold in May!  Our fabulous Realtor, Scott, sold our house in 32 days.  Coincidentally, he sold our last house in 32 days.  Very impressive.  Let me know if you are in the area and want a referral.

Third:  Michael has decided to leave his current job in search of other opportunities.  It was a difficult, but not hasty, decision for him.

Fourth:  We are moving to PHOENIX!  I just spend a week there looking for a rental house and we are all set to go in three weeks.  Michael is interviewing for jobs in the Phoenix area and even made a quick interview trip while I was out there.   We worked with a great realtor (Thomas) and he helped us find a place and get approved and everything signed in about 4 days.  The movers are coming to pack and load us.  We are DRIVING 2 dogs and 3 cats across the country in JULY.  INSANE!

In other news, I am going to start back on a half marathon training plan on Monday.  I don’t have a race in mind yet but need to follow something.  Crossfit is over and I am really missing it!  So I need to do something else.  I would love to continue with Crossfit, but it is expensive.  Maybe once we are back to two incomes.