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Wednesday: Now I Remember

Precor Cardio EquipmentHow BORING this thing is.  I didn’t run Wed because of foot issues.  Let me state now that I have ongoing foot/blister issues and every once in a while, a run is postponed or skipped all together.  It is what has to be done.  But the elliptical.  Blech.  And now I am even considering a double run day to make up for the missed day.  Crazy, I know.  But I am thinking about doing 6 miles in the morning and another 5 in the evening.  Not too bad.

Elliptical: 4 miles / 45 minutes


Meals today were overnight oatmeal made with orange marmalade and mandarin oranges.  Leftover Panda Express from Tues night.  And then chicken with noodles and veggies for dinner.  I also had a strawberry smoothie and some snack mix.  Oh, and a REALLY cold beer.

Question:  If you work out at night, do you shower before you go to bed?  I do.  I don’t like getting in to bed feeling dirty.  But someone else that lives here doesn’t.  And it just irritates me and makes me want to wash the sheets.  Sorry for the mini-rant.  WWPD?