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Friday: Improvement

Image 11-13-12 at 5.02 PMFirst, did Jack really kill Chapell?  Really?  I only have like 3 episodes left.  I will try to finish Season 3 up next week.

Saturday brings a 5 mile trail race so Friday was a bike day.  But not a hard ride.    The ride was about 8 miles round trip and since the Garmin was dead, I have no idea how long it actually took.   It felt GREAT on the way there, only to realize that it was mostly downhill the whole way out.  The ride back was a bit harder.

I actually rode to Lowes to get more paint chips for yet another calendar.  Yup, I am going seasonal!  Out with fall and in with winter.  Pictures coming once I actually put it together.

And then I have at least two other projects on the radar screen!  Damn Pinterest is keeping me busy.

I read Adam’s blog at TheBoringRunner and he is a kick.  He is also a running coach and has a new app available.  If anyone is looking for a virtual coach / training plan, check him out. Virtual Run Coach

What is on the schedule for your weekend?  I have the trail race and then Cookie Day.  Sunday may include a movie.