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Regarding: Enough Already
Here is a random collection of thoughts…..

The SuperBowl is over.  Can we STOP talking about it already?  Move on.  Baseball season is just 2 weeks away and you can all start trash talking about that instead.  I love hearing Boston and NY fans talking about the baseball playoffs in Feb.  At least it is not football.

How many vitamins are too many? If my multivitamin contains 300mcg of Biotin and states that 300mcg is 100% of the DRV, do I really need to take a supplement with 3,000mcg?  Seems excessive.  Especially since carrots are high in biotin and everyone knows I eat my weight in carrots.

I do NOT want to workout today.  Especially with Bryan the trainer.  But I will.  Let’s hope it goes at least marginally well.

We are officially moving Valentine’s Day.  I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day as a holiday, but Michael seems to want to acknowledge it.  And since it falls on a Tuesday this year (my volunteer night with the cats) we are moving it to Monday.

Michael finally decided what he wants to do for his birthday next week.  Cheesecake Factory and the hockey game.  Count me in!  I tried to get him on the Zamboni at the game but no go.  He will, however, see his name on the big scoreboard!