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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, Feb 16

It has started.  The race is 9 days away and the anxiety is setting in.  What if I don’t meet any of my goals?  What if things don’t go well?  So I have been looking for ways to change the voices in my head.  Things I can use and say to myself to keep going.

I have put the work in.  The training has gone well. Certainly not my first time (10th) tackling the half marathon distance.  But still the doubt creeps in.  So this one sums it all up.  (I would give the proper credit, but I got it from Pinterest)

Mood:  Other than the above, mood is good.  It is a rainy day but I got a few things done.  Errands, laundry, dishes, movie, etc.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and and english muffin.  Then I had a GIANT salad for lunch.  And an orange.  The dogs were bored so we went to Starbucks for a Light Frappuchino.  An apple.  Some animal cracker snack mix (that I promptly moved back into the kitchen).  There will be some chicken in a General Tso’s sauce from Trader Joe’s.  A nectarine. Carrots.

Fitness:  Did 3 fast miles on the ellipticals and then some upper body weights WHILE on a Bosu ball.  My balance has really come a long way.

Did anyone else FORGET that Survivor came back on last night?  Luckily we caught it halfway through and added it to the DVR list to be recorded.  We still need to finish The Voice, Top Chef and RHOOC.