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Sloth Sunday: Mimosa’s and Hummingbirds

20121007-200245.jpgBecause I was behind on overall mileage this week, I went out and did 4 this morning. Not a hard effort, but good enough. And a few more miles in my new Brooks Pure Flow shoes. Michael had my Garmin so I have to guess that it was somewhere around 46 minutes. After yesterday’s smoking 5k, it was ok.

The rest of the day consisted of football and the the Arizona Center. It was AWESOME weather and we just sat outside with my sister and talked at Starbucks. I tried the Salted Caramel Mocha Frapp. It was GOOD. How fun!

Then, it reverted to Mimosa Sunday with The Good Year, 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race and a PF Chang’s bagged dinner. What can I say. Sometimes dinner comes from a bag. I did add extra chicken. Which needed to be defrosted. That it itself was an effort. Especially after polishing off a bottle of champagne by myself.

This is a picture I caught outside my office window on Sat. Cat TV lives on. I LOVE hummingbirds.

I miss my friends back in NC. But texting with J helps every day.