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Holiday Update!

IMG_0327Hello there. I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.  I spent Christmas Eve getting ready to host my family and spend some time Skyping with my in-laws. It actually all went very smoothly.

And now I can tell you about the holiday projects I did for Michael.  The first one was to take a map, cut it in three pieces and mount it to three pieces of canvas using Mod Podge.  And then you use pins to show all of the places you have been together. It wasn’t hard to do, although I did get a little nervous cutting the map.  We will put it up on the walls once we have our own house.

IMG_0328Christmas Day, we headed over to my parents house for gifts and breakfast.  Then we all took a break to get cleaned up and take care of dogs.  We went back over in the afternoon for an amazing dinner (ham) and we watched Ted. I thought it was pretty funny.

I have a couple of great new running tops, a new light for my bike, lots of gift cards, some new makeup etc.  I DID run on Monday and while my knee/quad didn’t hurt, I could still tell it isn’t quite right.  My plan for the week is short 3-milers and see how things feel.

How was your holiday?  Anyone hitting up the after Christmas sales?