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Driving Rant…

Rear Hatch
This is my rant for today.  You may not like it, or think it is nice, but I don’t really give shit (you can tell because I used a bad word). It is mostly aimed at older people, but anyone that chooses to get behind the wheel of a car should listen up.

If the speed limit FEELS too fast for you, FEEL free to stay home. If you can’t MUSTER THE COURAGE to go even only as fast as is printed on those pesky little signs, then maybe it is time to hang up the keys.  I don’t expect everyone to go speeding along like I do, but I was just stuck behind a much older person doing 33 in a 45.  That is NOT EVEN CLOSE.  So, if you can’t push down just a little harder on that gas pedal and get your little pony moving up to the speed limit, stay off the big roads.

And by big roads, I mean anything with at least one lane going in each direction.

And while we are at it, those little lines that someone took A LOT OF TROUBLE to paint on the road are NOT a suggestion.  I am reclaiming my side of the road so you might want to be more careful about staying on your own side.

And the last thing…last time I bought a car….the last TWO times I bought a car, the blinkers were included.  Not some fancy extra like GPS or rubber floor mats or satellite radio.  They come with the car.  USE THEM.