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I'll try anything….


As the name of my blog would suggest, we have a barker in my house.  Which is all fine, except I work from home full-time and am the lucky recipient of all barking, whining, tantrums and fits.  That would be Solo.  He tries to be a good boy, but sometimes it is just to hard.  And Annabelle is not without her own challenges.  The top three being: UPS, thunderstorms and fireworks.  So, thanks to Julie and her mom over at PB Fingers (read blog post here), I have decided to try Thundershirt!  I am very skeptical that it will do anything for Solo’s barking, but we certainly have an almost daily trial built in with Annabelle and UPS.  And the next time a thunderstorm rolls through, I will try it then to.  If they don’t work, they are going back!

But hell, I will try almost anything once!




It is that time of year and the squirrels have discovered the bounty of the black walnut tree in our backyard.  The run through the branches, eating nuts and flinging the shells into the backyard like a green rain.  Once in a while, they throw an actual nut just for fun.  At the dogs.  The other day, they almost hit Solo in the head.  Their aim is getting better.