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Weekend Recap

Friday I was a flake and forgot to post all together.  You are welcome.

Long Run Saturday was 6 miles in 1:12:57.  Nothing speedy about that but right where my pace chart says I should be on long runs.  Then we POWERED through some errands.  And I mean 7 stops in about 2 hours. Got a lot done.

Sloth Sunday was very quiet.  I watched some tennis (poor Ferrer) and went to Costco.  Then I laid around and read (finished The Art of Fielding and started The Scorch Trials) and watched tv.  My sister and I checked out a trail head right near here.    And then Michael brought home dinner while he was out running errands.

Chuckwalla 1AAnd I saw my first Chuckwalla! It is not my picture as the guy we saw scurried under a rock. But he did have some orange on him. Too cool.

We rewatched Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows on Friday night.  I hadn’t seen it since the theater.  I had forgotten how funny that movie is.

Now I am going back to watching 24.  We never watched it when it was on but got hooked on the DVD’s.  I just have to buy Seasons 3 & 4. Especially since that is where we left off.