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Regarding: Painting

imageI spent most of the weekend repainting my office.  Envision a granny smith apple.  And then vomit that color all over some pretty big (and well-lit) walls.  That is what I was trying to cover up.  The new color was inspired by the color of the water in Turks and Caicos (coming soon to a travel related post).

In between bouts of painting and fume-induced light-headedness, I went to a baby shower accompanied by a good friend.  And her 7 month old baby.  She is my FAVORITE 7 month old.  Ok, she is the only 7 month old I know right now, but she is still my favorite. She has a fantastic older brother, but he didn’t come to the shower.

I am often amused by the ideas of those around me regarding why I don’t have kids.  1. I must not like kids.  I don’t dislike all children.  I don’t like all children either.  In the same way that I don’t like all adults.  I like children I know and have relationships with.  2. I don’t think I would be a good mother.  I think I would be a great mother.  I would throw myself into it 100%, like I do with everything I tackle. There is a shadow of truth to things around sleep, money, travel, sex, etc.  But mostly, I just don’t want to.  I don’t want to give up, even a little, all of the other things that bring me joy in life.  I feel I would be giving up more than I would get back.  And that is just my truth.

I have found what is, for me, a perfect balance.  I can have children in my life without actually having to produce and raise them myself.  I can enjoy spending time with them, seeing them grow and also sending them home.  Thank you to my friends that have taken on the larger commitment so that I can enjoy your children!