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Monday: Case of the Monday’s

Monday was just one of those days.  I overslept and then just sat around.  When I finally headed out the door, I managed to do this weeks short run of 4 miles.

Run: 4 Miles: 45:20ish

And then I became a human garbage can.  I could NOT stop eating.  Ugh.  Some day are just like that. I did take an extra bike ride to try and counteract the eating (I needed to get allergy medicine).  It was also game food night. So we had meatball bubbles, wings and sweet potato fries.  And because that wasn’t enough, I also had a cinnamon scone.  I had to make those and get them in the freezer before they went bad.  I didn’t necessarily need to eat one.

That is enough about food for Monday.  Are you watching the storm coverage?  All of lower Manhattan is under water.  I used to work down there and spent a great deal of time in Battery Park City.  So I can picture it maybe better than some.  And then cut power to everything south of 39th.  In another job, I worked at 45th so I can picture that as well.   South of Bryant Park (the Library) is dark.  Just unbelievable.

Tomorrow will be better.  I know it will.  Both for me and for the residents of the Northeast.  Hang in there.