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Arrogance Rehashed

Part of what I do on this blog is talk about running.  Mostly my running.  But let’s talk about someone else’s running for a change.

Ryan Hall.  First DNF ever.  At the Olympics.

My issue is not with Ryan and the DNF.  Many people are sure to disagree with me, but my issue is with his approach to his training and how he prepared himself to represent the USA in the Olympic Marathon.

He fired his coach (even before the trials) and decided he would let God tell him what to do.   He followed no training plan.  I find this incredibly arrogant.  And based on what happened, maybe God does too.

First, God has more important things to do than email Ryan a daily workout and running plan.  Did he really think God was going to tell him what workout to do each day?  And second, we are not meant to know it all and do everything alone.

I believe, based on the results, that God is telling Ryan to get a coach.  An actual coach.  And this was his way of taking Ryan down a notch or two.  Don’t assume that you don’t need help.  Or that you have God’s attention and focus.

Ryan’s arrogance got him nothing more than a DNF.  And his pre-race interview showcased this arrogance.  He said something along the lines of, “I have realized just how awesome I really am.”

And now we can all see it.  Thanks Ryan. Maybe you should reach out to Meb for some tips on humility.