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Friday: Ninja’s made me do it

Make Ahead Frozen DaiquirisMy run this morning was non-existent.  I didn’t even want to leave the house.  I was up on time, no problem there.  Just didn’t feel like doing anything.  But I still forced myself to at least go for a walk.  And later, since the walk wasn’t enough, I did 5 miles on my bike.  Made me feel a little bit better about the day.

Walk 2.0 miles/32min.

Bike 5.25 miles / 28min

I am trying a couple of new things with my eating today.  First is ice cold water.  But I have to get all of that in fairly early or I will be peeing all night.  The other new thing is that I have moved my snacks to the morning and moved my lunch later.  I am hoping this will help with my afternoon snacking.  Although if I really feel hungry I will still have fruit or carrots.  But that brings up another issue.  I am a boredom eater. So when do I really feel hungry?  Not sure I can remember when.  Need to work on that.


I had my usual coffee and protein bar for breakfast.  Then I had most of a peach (wasn’t that good) and a nectarine.


Lunch was around 2pm and I had two eggs, turkey sausage and an english muffin.

I wanted to make a nice dinner. So I marinated a flank steak for the grill.  With a sweet  potato (small), corn and a glass of red wine.


So every once in a while…..Oh who am I kidding, it happens all the time….I get a need for something new.  Not just something new, the best something new I can find. This time, it was a blender.  This all stems from making freezer daiquiri’s last weekend (see above picture and link to recipe).  I about burned up our crappy, old Oster blender and then gave quite a workout to my Cuisinart blender as well.  Consumer Reports, here I come.  And it just so happened that their Best Buy was a $60 Ninja Prep Pro.  Not only that, but Sam’s Club had it for $45!

I put it in the cabinet.  I wonder how long it will take Michael to notice it or that the old blender is in the laundry room.