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Regarding: Sadness - North Carolina- Where not only can we not fix stupid, we add it to our Constitution.I don’t often get too political on this blog.  But I live in NC.  And yesterday was our primary.  I am a registered “unaffiliated” but I still get to vote in the primary.  Especially when there are Amendments up for vote. Like Amendment 1.

Amendment 1 sent me running to the early voting location.  It is an Amendment to the State Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. I voted AGAINST.

And it passed.  I have never been more ashamed to live in NC than today.  This amendment will impact more than just same-sex couples.  It reaches far beyond the intended audience.  It makes discrimination, hate and bigotry part of our State values.  It is reminiscent of when inter-racial marriage was also banned.  Until the 1970’s.

We haven’t come that far after all.  People should really focus more on their own marriages than worrying about the marriages of those around them.


Volkswagen LogoHere we sit like birds in the wilderness…..

That is Michaels’ song.  Something about scouts and waiting around.  I don’t know. But here I am, sitting at the VW dealership for scheduled maintenance.  And something about a recall so I don’t blow up.  And my vanity plate (GO SOX!!!)

I brought (obviously) my computers with me.  And they told me 2 hours.  Which I kind of figured.  But then I realized that I forgot the power cord to my work laptop.  Oops.  That battery will be dead after the start-up alone.

And because I just heard this on the TV…..Let’s hear it for the Greensboro City Council for OPPOSING amendment 1!!!  I am very proud of them.  It is a marriage amendment and it is just WRONG.

Late hockey game tonight from Anaheim.  Running with J after work.

And there is the most ANNOYING man in the waiting room of the dealership.  Listening to his voicemail on speakerphone.  Loud-ass ringtone.  Talking and doing business in a loud voice.  I get it buddy.  You have to work.  But the rest of us don’t have to be subjected to it.  Vibrate.  Mute.  Bluetooth.  Something.