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Travel Tuesday: How to Fly


Some of you may remember that I started having shoulder trouble over Christmas.  After appointments, pain and xrays, it was diagnosed as arthritis (at my age??) in my neck that is bothering a nerve which is then causing muscle spasms in my shoulder.  So…..

I received instructions like, don’t like down.  Elevate my computer.  Posture.  Meds.  Stretching.  Etc.  And I just got back from another plan trip and guess what?  Yup, bothering me again.

So the question is now how to ride on a plane for 4-5 hours, not go crazy, and NOT LOOK DOWN the entire time to read or watch a movie?  I really do think it is the angle of looking down at a book (I did try to hold it up more) or down at the computer to watch a movie.

So…..I can no longer fly except on planes that have the in-seat entertainment systems at eye level.  Especially those that have DirectTv so I can kill time watching HGTV and Bravo.  Hahaha.  I am so demanding. That boils down to I can’t go anywhere unless JetBlue flies there. Or I luck out on Delta with an old Song plane.