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Sloth Sunday: Amazing

We spent today doing some errands and then headed back out to witness something AMAZING.  Ironman Arizona.  It is a full Ironman that takes place in Tempe and Phoenix.  The swim is in Tempe Town Lake and the start/finish ffor the rest are in Tempe Beach Park.  2.4 mile swim.  112 miles bike.  26.2 miles run.  And it was WARM today.  Like people having trouble warm.

Pro’s went out at 7:00am and age groupers at 7:30.  You have 2.5 hours to complete the swim, then you have to be off the bike by 5:30pm and have until midnight to finish the marathon.

This first picture is T-2, Transition two.  Where riders come in on the bike and leave out on the marathon.  It is AMAZING to see these people and their determination.  Not to mention the millions of dollars in bikes just sitting there in Tempe Beach Park.

The course is looped for the bike and the run.  It was fun to be able to see runners and bikers at the same time, coming in to the lake and going around the lake.  We saw the first few men come by about a quarter mile from the finish.  Then we walked over to the finish line (second picture) and saw the women 3-10 or so come through.

There was incredible support all along the way for people and it just felt amazing to see all of these people complete such an amazing race.

As I am typing this, 13 + hours into the race, people are still coming through the finish line with HUGE smiles on their faces.  They just accomplished something that they spent months training for.