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Sloth Sunday: Housewives do it faster

20120916-185333.jpgI don’t know why I call it that except Sunday is the only day of the week that I don’t do some sort of run or workout. Before I knew it this morning, I was making a trip to Urgent Care (SOMEONE has pink eye) and gassing up the car and zooming through Costco. Then I had the soup started and was speed-cleaning the house. Sloth my ass.

So there was no actual workout today, but the speed-cleaning did make me sweat. Floors, laundry, 2 bathrooms and the litterbox.  Housewives of South Mountain.  And then I watched Davis Cup tennis.

Meals today followed the same overall schedule as the last couple of days. I had coffee at 8am. A protein bar at 10am. An apple and some carrots around noon. An english muffin with strawberry jam at 2:30. A beer at 4:30. Chicken Tortilla Soup and chips at 6:00. With another beer. And of course some guacamole to celebrate National Guacamole Day.

Then we settled in for some mindless tv (Housewives of NJ).  I am on team Melissa and Joe.

There are no good shows starting up yet.  I am waiting for Survivor and Amazing Race.  So in the meantime, we are trying to catch up on the life of Jack Bauer.  Because we were too lame to watch 24 when it was actually on, we are now watching it on DVD. We are only on season 3.  By time we are finished, Jack will be back on the grid and on the big screen, saving the world yet again.  Just a guess.

Speaking of the big screen, did you hear they are almost finished with an Entourage screenplay?  Is anyone else excited about that?