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Regarding: Halloween Tradition

My husband LOVES Halloween.  Has anyone spotted his Disney Haunted Mansion in the decorating pictures?  He carried that thing through the Magic Kingdom for hours.  Anyway, cancelling Halloween, as I might suggest, is not an option.  So we had to come up with a compromise.

The doorbell drives the dogs INSANE.  And I don’t particularly like handing out candy (or most kids).  So I have to be bribed.  Pretty easy to do.  The cost?  Pizza and Beer.

We setup a card table in the driveway and sit there with our candy, pizza and beer.  The doorbell never rings, the dogs stay (mostly) calm.  And I get to drink beer in the driveway, to the envy of all our (male) neighbors.

It works for us.

We had a guest with us as well.  The neighbors cat, Meow Meow, has decided that she likes our treats better than her own house.  I don’t even know if she is ever let inside her house.  Or given treats.  But she hung out with us for quite a while.  She is welcome anytime.  She is the Queen of the Cul de Sac.