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Monday: Ass Backwards

Today I had a foot issue that made running a no-g0.  So I hopped on the bike instead.  Gotta do something.  7miles and a trip to the bank.

Bike:  7miles / 42:45

After the bike ride, I spent the morning looking for the Vet records for the dogs.  I know I had them when we drove out here.  Everyone got checkups before we left.  And now I can’t find them.  They can’t go to Camp Bow Wow unless their bordetella is up to date.  So, in a backwards effort, I made an appointment for them at Banfield to get their shots.  Then it dawned on me (see, backwards) to call our Vet back in NC and find out what we did before we left.  Turns out they are up to date on everything and don’t need the bordetella.   They very nicely agreed to fax everything to camp. Now I just need to cancel Banfield, which is perfect because I made it for the same time as Girls Night Out at RRS with my sister.

Breakfast was coffee and a protein bar.  There were carrots (shocker) and a nectarine.

Lunch was a turkey burger with guacamole and veggie straws.


I decided to try something new for dinner.  I wanted something chinese-ish and found a recipe for crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken.  I had everything needed in the house so I thought what the hell.  How bad could it be?  And it gave me time to defrost the chicken since the cook time is 4 hours and not 8.  PERFECT.  I was a little short on the honey so it came out just a tad salty, but otherwise it was good.

I didn’t catch one minute of the Emmy’s.  Who won?

I don’t know how long I am going to be able to resist (Click for link):


Friday: Dogs on Crack

I actually let myself get an extra 45 minutes sleep.  It was GREAT.  And then I did the Lolo Jones Core Workout from RW.  It felt like it could do some good!  And that was the extent of my workout.

I am on the fence about Long Run Saturday.  My longest run in quite a while is 6m.  But I am wanting to do at least 8 and hoping for 10.  Is that too much?  The half marathon is in 2 weeks and I feel that I could get through the 13 miles IF I can get through the 10.

Breakfast was overnight oats with crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chips.  A winner!

Lunch was a salad buffet with my mom.

There were snacks of a nectarine, carrots, and an apple.

Dinner was egg beaters with salsa, turkey sausage and pancakes.  Hey, I was carb loading for those 10 miles.  And I had some snack mix.

I don’t have pictures of any of it.

What I do have is the pictures you see.  Those are two large dogs, begging for doggie crack.  Otherwise knows as animal crackers.  Cheaper (and smaller) than Milk Bones.

Summer Grumps - Congratulations to you and the Arctic ice cap on just barely surviving another summer.This was our first “summer” in Phoenix.  If you can call it that since we got here at the end of July.  And I can tell you, they can make you pretty grumpy.  But it can only get better and we now know that we can through an Arizona summer.

Speaking of grumpy.  I am still on the email list for our old neighborhood.  And a woman there is complaining about dogs pooping in her yard.  She is threatening to install camera’s to catch whoever is letting their dogs do that.  Yea, good luck with that.  Remember when I pointed out that children were walking through our yard, even though there was a sidewalk?  I was told to “focus on what really matters.”  Because being a considerate neighbor and respecting other peoples property is not at all what we want children to learn.  Good luck. At least they can’t blame my dogs.  And I guess you don’t have to be in the Phoenix heat to be grumpy.

The dogs have to go for their daycare “interview” today. Fingers crossed that Annabelle behaves.

Rode another 6 miles this morning.  My calf was feeling tight so I thought a run should wait.  But I will try to do my long run tomorrow.  Yesterday and today are BUSY days but tomorrow is pretty open.

Long Run Saturday

imageIs going to have to be short run Saturday for a while.  I really want this IT Band issue cleared up and if that means lower mileage for a while, so be it.

I am making the apple muffins this morning.  Then off to the gym (it is almost 100 degrees already) and some errands.  Dbacks baseball tonight.  It is bobblehead night!

And just for fun, this is what it looks like when the dogs are working hard in my office.  Rough, rough life.

Regarding: Again

MW goodbye moving weekNow that we have sold our house, packed up all our shit, moved 2 dogs and 3 cats (and 6 fish….yup, still alive) across the country, rented a house, had our stuff delivered, are making progress on unpacking, and Michael has found a job, it is time to start thinking about buying a house and doing it all over again.

Kidding.  At least for a few months.  I would like more than beer and takeout in my fridge before I start thinking about doing it all over again. And we still have some serious purging to do.  Time to streamline (even more) and lighten things up!

And our course, some sort of sinusitis flair up decides to hit me last night.  And man it came up fast.  The CVS is 2 miles away.  I was so excited to move to a place where I could walk to the store. Do I want to walk 4 miles round trip to get medicine?  Would it make me feel better or worse?  I haven’t decided yet.

Long Run Saturday (or ANY run on ANY day) is on hold until things settle down around here.  I am still moving and walking and running (some) but I can’t stress myself out about it.  Maybe once I find my dishes, and my cookware, I will get back on plan.