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Sloth Sunday: NO Do-Do

Sunday is typically a rest day.  But I still had 4 miles to get in somewhere this weekend.  I walked 2 yesterday and then we took the dogs on a hike for another 1.5 miles.  I won’t count this towards my overall mileage, but I felt better getting most of it done. This trail (Kiwanis) is nothing like the other (Mormon) trail.  Less elevation gain and easier for the pups.

I managed to clean most of the house by 9am.  Then we made our pilgrimage to Costco.  It was meat day.  What the heck happened to the price of flank steak?  It seems to have doubled.   I couldn’t resist the Do-Do Bird dog toys.

Solo took exception to his Do-Do bird.  I am NO Do-Do.  Annabelle knew how to put her Do-Do in its place.

Meals were odd for a Sunday.  A protein bar to gear up for Costco. Then waffles with PB.  A peach.  An apple.  And then a pork chop and a baked potato for dinner.