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Weekend Lessons

IMG_0330 I had this long post drafted about what I believe, what I think needs to be done and why. About how I was disappointed on social medial this weekend by discussions on one topic that somehow raged out of control onto other, unrelated topics.  I get it.  I opened the door.  On one topic.  To one room.  Not to every topic, every room.  My lesson.  But I scrapped it.  You can thank me later.

Instead you get a weekend recap.  And some pictures of other people doing things that I won’t ever do.   Sorry the pictures are fuzzy.

IMG_0338Saturday started with some errands and prep work for a belated Thanksgiving dinner.  It RAINED all damn day.  I didn’t think that happened in the desert Southwest.  Once everything was prepped and things were in the oven. I took off to see the Desert Solstice.  This is a 100 mile/24 hour race run around a high school track.  There were several people attempting to break records (American, World, Age Group) and I wanted to see what it looked like to run for that long.

The rain didn’t seem to be helping morale or slowing them down at all. But it was crappy, cold and rainy.  I went around 3:00pm so they had already been running for 7+ hours.  The first picture is what it looked like at 3pm.

IMG_0335Then we ate dinner.  After dinner, I convinced Michael to go back to the track with me.  It was after 8pm and the rain had stopped.  They had been running for 12+ hours.  We must have just missed Jon Olsen taking the 100 miles. As we got there, we heard Michael Arnstein’s crew talking about him finishing a sub-13 hour 100 miles and trying to convince him to go for the 200k record. He came in at 12:57:45 and it took all that he had.  It felt intrusive to take his picture after his finish, so I didn’t.

IMG_0339But there went Nick Coury (pic 2), who set a new PR for him self and Connie Gardner (pic 3), who holds the current AR for the 24 hour race.  Debra Horn set a new 200k record in the 50-54 age group.  Jay Smithberger (pic 4) came in third in the 100 mile.  His picture seemed less intrusive!

By Sunday morning only 6 were left on the track.  2 men and 6 women.  Nicely done!  I can’t even comprehend what it takes mentally to run for 24 straight hours.

As for me, my IT Band pain has been worse and I am taking it easy.  I swam on Sunday.  I will try to ride the bike some this week and give the IT Band a break.  Lots of stretching and foam rolling.

Saturday: Finish Line!

I spent Saturday volunteering at the Pass Mountain 12k/26k/50k Trail Race.  I was lucky to be assigned to the finish line, handing out cups to the finishers of all 3 distances. It was amazing to see the faces of everyone as they came through the shoot and be the first to say “Congratulations” and “Nice Job!”  They were really inspiring.

The race is produced by two brothers that are AMAZING ultra-runners in their own rite.  Jamil and Nick Coury who have raced just about every distance imaginable as well as timed races, including producing and running the upcoming Desert Solstice 24 Hour Race.  Check them out Aravaipa Running.

My sister was reassigned to the food area and churned out some KICK-ASS grilled PB&J and Grilled Cheese sandwiches.

Thank you to everyone who made it a GREAT day out on the trails and at the finish line!