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Wednesday: Assaults and Well Wishes

My feet/toe were still screaming at me.  I don’t know what that toe did to its neighbors, but they jumped it and kicked its ass.  Wednesday included yet another bike ride.  This time, I decided to ride my bike into South Mountain Park and see if I could make it to San Juan Rd, which is closed to traffic.  I made it 3.75 (uphill) miles before turning around.  I think I was just one hill from the parking lot.  But I didn’t want to have to climb that particular back up so I turned around.  The uphill trip took me 25 minutes.  The way back, the downhill, took 15 minutes.  Toes crossed I get back to the running on Thursday.

Bike:  8 miles / 43:10

I once again found this in my coffee kcup basket.  Would she still want the basket if I cleared it out and gave it to her?  Of course not, she is a cat! She did come out of that basket smelling like gingerbread tea.

Wednesday Food:

Breakfast:  Coffee and cinnamon scone

Snack: Peach

Lunch:  Egg Beaters, turkey sausage and english muffin

Snack: Butternut squash, raspberries and carrots

Dinner: Pasta Bolognese

Snack:  Mint Choc Chip ice cream

Michael picked “spouse night” (new name, won’t stick) at Giuseppe’s on 28th.  We saw it on DDD the other night and had to try it out.  We both ordered the same thing that was made for Guy on the show.  It was ok.  I was actually expecting more flavor.  But I would definitely go back and maybe try something else.

This guy is sending all of his healing vibes and best wishes to his favorite aunt Jenny.  Get better soon.

Please excuse the multiple changes coming on the blog as I am playing around with the theme and format.


Monday: 1 Ringy Dingy, 2 Ringy Dingy

Monday started with a crappy-ass night of sleep and two dogs on the bed.  Once again, I just couldn’t stay asleep.  I had a 7am meeting to be at so I knew I was going to have to motivate myself out of the house right after the alarm if I wanted to get my 5 miles in and still be on time.  And I did manage to do it!  I was panicked that my iPod was going to die when I saw that red line where my battery icon should be.  But that little puppy held on for me.   And I felt like I ran at a good, steady pace through the whole 5.  Even up the hill that is called Central.

Run 5.0 miles/56:20

1 bunny / 1 quail

I drank my coffee while on conference call #1 and had a protein bar after call #2.  Then I dipped into some carrots, calls #3 and #4 and then leftover Chicken Tortilla Soup and chips for lunch.  A nectarine and a few more carrots later brought dinner.

I had so many beautiful salad ingredients from my Bountiful Basket on Saturday that I decided to use them for dinner.  A wonderful steak salad with ranch dressing.  I had also chopped up some bruschetta with a sliced-up loaf of french bread.

I have no shame in admitting that I spent a big chunk of time today on the couch watching DDD and Property Vigins.  These shows never seem to get old.  And I hadn’t seen these episodes yet.   Even if I had seen them, I probably would have kept watching.