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Tuesday: Betrayal

IMG_0340I landed back on the bike at the gym on Tuesday.  Everything on the right side is starting to feel better.  But since I am not “training” for a specific race and have nothing coming up, there is no need to push it.  I am trying to be smart.  Still.  I may try a short run Wednesday and see how it goes.

Bike: 9 miles / 45 minutes

I finished up making some Christmas goodies on Tuesday and need to get those out in the mail.

IMG_1792I have waited to see if it was real, and it is.  I have lost a few pounds.  I am about to sell out my favorite vegetable.  And though it pains me to say this, I have to admit that maybe I was wrong.  Maybe you can eat too many carrots.  I am sorry to betray you.  But it has been weeks since I have had any.  So maybe it is true and there is a connection between those missing pounds and the missing carrots.

IMG_0341Since my last few projects are wrapped up, I needed to find something else to keep me busy in the afternoons (so I didn’t go buy more carrots).  So I rediscovered my crochet hooks and relearned single and double crochet.  I have NO idea what I will do with this new knowledge.  Make a scarf maybe.  Or a beanie if I can remember how to do it in rounds.