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Featured Product: Zensha Compression Sleeves

I bought these at the race Expo in Las Vegas last year (RocknRoll Half Marathon with a PR of 2:36:21, this year I break 2:30:00).  You see elite runners and triathletes wearing them, both leg socks and arm warmers.  I was AMAZED to see one elite woman speed through the Kona Ironman transition area after the swim and come out on the bike with her compression socks on.  How did she get them on that fast?  While she was damp???

They are supposed to speed muscle recovery after a hard workout.  And I figured, can’t hurt.  Plus they are PINK!  I do think they help after my training sessions and long weekend runs.  I find that my legs feel less tired and less sore the next day.  I also have one thigh sleeve that I used to help with a sore hamstring.

Race expo’s are a great place to find them or Amazon or the Zensha site.  Pick your favorite color and measure for sizing.   I also choose this particular product over CEP because they are sleeves instead of full socks, and I can still wear my normal socks and shoes.  I find that to be a huge plus.  But have heard nothing but good things about CEP as well.