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Wednesday: Missing the Mark

I am having the hardest time getting up while it is still dark.  Once again, I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep.  Missed the mark.  It doesn’t help that this guy (Solo) has suddenly discovered that he wants to snuggle.  On my lap, in the chair, on the couch, in the bed.  It is hard to leave that.  The good news is (to me) that I am not in danger of being late for anything and still have time for my runs.

Wednesday, I was even MORE sore from the Crossfit workout on Monday. But I got out there anyway and knew just about everything would feel better once I got going.  And it did. 6 miles/1:10.  Right on target for this week.  The Garmin said 1:14 because someone on rollerblades with a dog stopped me on the street with TWO TENTHS OF A MILE left and wanted to talk to me.  The dogs name was Milly.  I always remember the names of the dogs.  But I forgot to pause the Garmin.

Wednesday was another one of those bottomless pit days.  And then when I sent Michael to pickup pizza on his way home, they claimed I had never placed the order and then tried to tell him I must have called a different location.  Uh, no I didn’t.  H0w about the girl who answered the phone was a moron and never put in the order?  So he ended up going to a different pizza place instead.

The rest of Wednesday was consumed by Top Chef and Life After Top Chef.  Why do they always say that dishes “missed the mark?”  What was the mark?

Who is in line for Breaking Dawn Part 2?  Not here.  I will admit that we have seen all of the movies, but on DVD.