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Regarding Baby Showers….

This weekend, I will attend my first baby shower in 10+ years.  Make no mistake, I am THRILLED that these wonderful people are having a baby.  I can think of few couples that are more deserving.  But being invited to a baby shower means finding a baby gift.  Gift registries have made this much less of a guessing game.  Or so I thought.

As I was wandering through the gift registries online and browsing the items,  I thought  WTF is this stuff?  Except for a few items of clothing, some bottles and a bouncy seat, I have no freaking clue what most of this stuff is.  How do I put together a decent gift basket if I don’t know what goes with what?  I am likely to leave out some key piece of puzzle, like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without having seen the picture first.

I can’t wait to actually meet the baby, sometime in late September.  So I can hold it, play with it, shake it up and hand it back.  I am mostly kidding.  But it does give me another kid-fix without making the commitment myself.  Going to a baby shower, for me, is like watching someone get botox.  I want to observe and even can’t look away, but it is an actual experience that I want no part of myself.