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2012 Books

One New Years Resolution a few years ago that stuck was to read more. While I didn’t hit my 2011 total of 20, I did read 18 books in 2012. You can click any of these to view the Kindle edition on Amazon. Here they are:

Thursday: Piles of Miles and Books

PileOnTheMilesI just joined Run Eat Repeats Pile on the Miles Challenge for November.  It is a great way to get the holiday season started off right and keep those pesky pounds in check.

Go check out her site and join up!

Pile on the Miles!

I have really been enjoying my 5 and 6 mile runs lately.  I NEVER would have thought that my SHORT runs would be 5 and 6 miles.  And I have really been dreading the longer runs.  Anything over about 90 minutes has me cringing.  I am not sure what to do about that right now.  Thurs morning was COLD and I thought it would be slow, but it wasn’t too bad.

Run: 6 miles / 66:50

Food Thurs was a muffin for breakfast with my coffee.  Then I had leftover jambalaya for lunch.  Some snack mix and the rest of my mango smoothie from Tues.  It was in the freezer so I ate it like an Italian Ice!  There was a peach and then leftover Korean Spicy Beef!

I also updated the book page.  I have been trucking right along in my reading, although not as fast as last year.  There are some great books on that list and some so-so books.  Take a peek and take your pick!