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Tuesday: Barking at Pine Cones….

Nov 6 2012

Tuesday had to have been one of the most boring days ever.  My sore toe kept me tossing and turning for hours and I ignored the alarm.  Running wasn’t going to happen today anyway (see: toe) but I wanted to get something fitness related in.  So ignoring the alarm was disappointing.  But after my first meeting, I rode my bike to Target and back.  I didn’t take my Garmin but it would be somewhere around 5-6 miles roundtrip.  

Bike: 5-6 miles

After that, there was another meeting and then nothing.  The kind of nothing where you can’t move forward until you receive feedback on what you have done so far but the feedback doesn’t come and so you wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Food Tuesday:

Breakfast:  Coffee and a protein bar

Snack:  An apple

Lunch:  Egg beaters with salsa, turkey sausage and an english muffin

Snack:  Carrots and a Dark Chocoalte, Nuts & Sea Salt Kind bar, peach

Dinner:  Cajun Chicken Pasta

IMG 0239

THIS guy was so tired because he spent the day barking at anything/nothing in the yard like an a$$hole.  We all have those days.  Just for B: there must have been a pine cone.  It WAS election day.  

In case anyone is in the market for some compression socks, SkinnyRunner has a code on her site today for the Pro Compression Argyle Marathon socks. I couldn’t resist.  And Christmas is coming.

Has anyone started their shopping yet?  I would like to get mine done early.  But it is the sort of thing I normally knock out in a day.  I shop for my family, DH for his.  And since this is the first year that my family is local, I don’t have to worry about shipping or traveling with gifts!!!!  Let DH figure all of that out on his own.

And a BIG shout out to my dearest friend B, who is under contract on his first house!!!!  He is an incredible friend and has been there for us over our last four moves.  I wish we could be there to repay the favors for him.  But I have known for quite a while what his housewarming gift will be!

Wednesday: Hills of Noodles

Today was a day that I didn’t really want to head out and do anything.  But eventually I climbed into some non-pj’s and onto my bike.  I told myself I would just be casual about it.  Then I managed to find the hilliest 6 mile route in my area!  It was fun.

Bike:  6 miles / 30:45

Today was date night.  I am not a fan of the idea of dating my own husband.  Isn’t part of the point of getting married that you don’t have to date anymore? I don’t like the pressure.  Anyway, he left work early and wanted to try a new (every place is new to us) place called the China Blossom Noodle Cafe.

It was incredible.  The waitress looked at Michael like he was crazy when he ordered a soup and Pad Thai.  Yes, I am not the only one that thinks soup is a meal!  I had the potstickers and the Korean Spicy Beef.  And a little of Michael’s soup.  It was cheap considering we had 2 beers, 2 appetizers and basically 3 entrees.  We will definitely go back.

Are you watching the baseball?  We moved on to something else in the 5th inning.  I don’t really care who wins, but I don’t need to watch a blowout.

Sunday: PF and Spying

My foot was still an issue this morning (plantar fasciitis?) so I headed out on my bike  The wind was VICSIOUS.  It was also my first time with a bottle holder on my bike. So I filled up my bottle with Vino (or was it Propel) and took it with me.  I am proud to say I did manage to drink while riding and not fall over.

Bike: 10 miles / 56:00

When we sold our house in NC and relocated, we didn’t know where we wanted to settle or even where Michael would be working. So I found a house with a yard to yet.  We figured we would use the lease time to figure out location and replenish our bank accounts.  Well, now we know we love this are and that Michael’s commute is manageable.  And we would like to stay close to where we are now.

I am obsessed with Zillow, Looking at what houses are available, the pictures, the prices, etc.  Even looking at the house we are in now, our neighbors and the neighborhood.  It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the inventory, the market and what we can expect next summer when we may look to buy something.

Monday: Pedals and Paint Chips

My feet were hurting from both my 10 miler on Friday and from the hiking (picture of the view on our hike) we did on Sunday. So I headed out on the bike this morning.   I really felt confident for the first time on my bike. I don’t know if it is just spending more time on the bike, or the core work I have been doing, but I felt pretty good.

Bike: 10 miles / 48:20

Meals today were stuck in a rut.  Protein bar for breakfast, egg beaters with turkey sausage, an english muffin and salsa.  There were some carrots and a peach. Dinner was a ribeye with sweet potato fries and a little ranch dressing for dipping.  Another peach for dessert.  Have I mentioned how AMAZING the peaches from Costco have been?

20121015-191404.jpgI don’t consider myself an especially creative person. But I copy like a mother-f…. Which is why all of my recipes come from somewhere else. Anyone that reads this blog knows that I LOVE calendars and have no less than 4 going at a time (including phones, computers, training logs, etc.) So when I saw the paint chip calendar project on Pinterest, I knew I could do it and thought it would be a quick project (I have attention span issues. See: unfinished knitting projects) and that I could have fun with the colors.

The hardest part really (and it wasn’t very hard) was figuring out the dimensions of each block. Then you just cut them all to the same size and stick them on a piece of posterboard! I didn’t get to crazy with making sure the spacing was exact. A craft project should have some element of “homemade” to it. I am really pleased with the results.  You use dry erase markers and just go to calendaring town!


Tuesday: Gates and Waffles

This is what Solo looks like after 3 days at camp.

There was no run today.  I had a bad foot and am still holding out hope for a half marathon on Saturday.  What the hell am I thinking?

Bike:  8 miles/43 minutes

Meals today were more of the same.  Except that after lunch, things went downhill with some sort of stomach thing. So dinner was waffles with peanut butter and some snack mix.

I did manage to clean both the bathrooms, some of the floors and the litterbox. So the afternoon wasn’t a total waste.  And then we watched The Avengers.  I watched it on Thurs as well but it is good enough to watch again. What can I say? I love these movies.

I also managed to change the batteries in our gate remotes.  Michael was all excited about living in a gated community (why?) until his remote stopped working and he had to stop and punch in the code.  He is not sure he wants to buy in a gated community anymore.

What do you think?  Is it worth the hassle for the illusion of safety, living in a gated community?