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Weekend Recap

I just put my 4 miles in for today.  I wasn’t expecting to do 4 miles, but the plan said 4. So I did 4.

This weekend seemed low key.  Friday night was yummy spaghetti dinner, too much Say Yes to the Dress and Bill Maher.

Long Run Saturday was an early 5 miles.  Then I took Michael to experience Sprouts.  And we went to the baseball game.

Sloth Sunday really was that.  We went to PetsMart.  Michael cooked a bbq recipe from DDD and I made guacamole from scratch!  I took some over to my BIL and we took my sister for FroYo.

I think I may make this a short week (and extra long weekend) by taking Friday off.  And I still owe you Food Friday from last week!  The picture is a preview.


Weekend Recap

It is that time again.

The weekend was pretty quiet.  I made dinner on Friday night and the house smelled like PF Chang’s .  And then we watched some movie we had sitting around from Netflix.

Saturday was supposed to be Long Run Saturday.  But my run at the gym was cut short to 3 miles.  And then we did a 3 mile walk with the dogs later in the afternoon.  We had dinner with our good friends!  Dinner was GREAT.  Thank you Groupon.

Sunday was Sloth Sunday and we ran some errands. Then I cleaned up the cookies from Friday, made even MORE cookies, made soup and watched the Red Sox on TV.  And Moneyball.  Michael went to see Titanic 3D.  From what I understand, the boat still sinks.

It is Marathon Monday and Patriots Day, for those of us from Massachusetts.  Unfortunately NC does not recognize Patriots Day.  But I will keep up with the marathon on the computer and the Red Sox play at 11:00.  I have meetings but will do my best to keep up with everything going on up north.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Mon, April 9 - Sorry your week is starting off as miserably as your baseball team's seasonThis morning did feel this way. Everything started off just a little bi harder than it needed to be. And the Sox are 0-3. But I take comfort in knowing that the Yankees are 0-3 as well.

The day did improve.  And today has been a GOOD day.  I hear there is work coming my way.  My leisure days are coming to an end.  This makes me very happy.

Food:  Breakfast was back to coffee and a protein bar.  Lunch was egg beaters, simply potatoes and turkey sausage.  Then I had a trail mix bar.  Dinner was chicken, tzatziki sauce, saffron rice and broccoli.  And a glass of wine.  I have an apple sitting out for later.

Fitness:  I went to the gym with the intention of running 4.5 miles.  But that wasn’t happening. So I did 3 (on the schedule for tomorrow) and called it a day.  Tomorrow will be another chance at the 4.5.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, April 5 - I hope you enjoy the one day your team doesn't have a losing recordWell, this isn’t even true since the Red Sox managed to lose their first game to Detroit.  They tied it in the top of the 9th just to give it away in the bottom of the the 9th.  Good thing there are 161 more games

Mood:  Not too bad.  Actually had work to do today and enjoyed doing it.  The dogs were at daycare so it was QUIET.

Food:  Protein bar and coffee for breakfast.  Pork chops with sweet potato fries, onion rings (both baked) and ranch dressing for lunch.  The some TJ’s Trek mix as a snack.  A trail mix bar and then something small for dinner later.

Fitness:  Going to head to the gym with Michael in a bit and run my 4 on the treadmill.  It is raining right now (excuse for treadmill) and I would like to take an “easy” day tomorrow, meaning just a walk at some point.

Travel Tuesday: Boston

It is hard for me to consider Boston “travel” since I grew up about 20 minutes north of the city but we went there for a visit this past June.  In fact, we coordinated a gathering of other “childfree by choice” people that I had met back in 2001. Some lived in the area and others traveled in like us.

Our rally point was the cathedral of Boston, Fenway Park.  Where we saw an amazing 14 inning game against Oakland.  Of course we met for beer and food first at Boston BeerWorks.

Michael and I stayed at the Millenium, across the street from Faneuil Hall.  A sort of late birthday splurge.  It is also a short walk from the North End and the Aquarium.    We just happened to be there the day after Sarah Palin made a visit and, while standing in front of the Paul Revere House, told everyone that he rode a horse with a lantern, while ringing a bell and shooting a musket to warn the BRITISH.  It was AWESOME. And if you want to see  a funny clip, look up Steven Colbert and what he did with the topic.

We did the Freedom Trail (Michael’s idea), the Aquarium (me, I LOVE the penguins), the Pru, Fenway, saw the new Garden (Bruins were in the playoffs).The group split up for various activities.  Some wanted to spend time in Salem.  We wanted to spend our time in Boston.  But it was great and everyone got to see everything they wanted.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures.  I don’t know why.But I cheated and some of these are from an older trip we took in 2005, for my cousins wedding.