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Thursday: Rain

Image 12-13-12 at 8.21 PMI overslept Thursday.  Because I was up several times during the night and finally, when I fell back to sleep, it was right before my alarm went off.  But it typical fashion, I was able to motivate myself for a run with food.  Run = Brownies.  A very simple, and effective, equation.  The run felt great and the shoes were good!  As I type this later, my calf is killing me but it will be fine.

Run:  6 miles / 1:05:32

The rest of Thursday was very productive.  I picked up the remaining supplies I needed for my craft projects and for my peppermint bark.  Friday will be a rest and bark day.

And the biggest news of all is that it is actually raining.  For the first time since Sept 7.  No joke.  And the mountains are expecting snow.

Food:  Protein bar and coffee, turkey burger w/guac on a deli flat and a handful of pringles, chicken breast with noodles and snap peas.  BROWNIES!


Wednesday: VICTORY!


The HOA reversed the fine today.  They said they were “sorry” and “had the wrong house.”  I am not buying it.  But the fine is gone.  And so I declare myself the winner.  Of this round.

Wednesday brought my first run in my new Brooks.  And ALL of my problems are SOLVED.  And then rainbows shot out of my nose and a unicorn flew out of my ass.  Ok, not really.  But a girl can dream.  The shoes felt fine.  The run was good.

Run: 4 Miles / 43:45

The rest of Wednesday was VERY productive.  I am working on several small projects.  I can’t share them quite yet as they are for Michael for Christmas.  But let’s just say that he will not be able to call me unsentimental.  At least for a day.  I will share them when I can.

I am taking a break from Jack and the drama of 24 and instead, started Alias.  HOW did I forget that Bradley Cooper was in Alias? Shame on me.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and cream of wheat.  Lunch was a salad with ranch dressing.  And some trail mix.  Dinner was a pork chop with half a (large) sweet potato and some broccoli.  And more trail mix.

Sloth Sunday: Bark x 2

IMG_0319Sunday was a Sloth Sunday.  It felt like the night lasted FOREVER, even with the dog barking at me to let her out of the bedroom. She could have opened the door herself.   My quads are sore from the trail race.  You can read that recap here.

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning up the house a bit and running some errands.  Then we went to see Argo.  Highly recommend before it leaves theaters.  It was very good.  And the Amazing Race finale!

Another brief update on Saturday.  It was Cookie Day, which is a long-standing tradition with family and friends. You get together to eat, drink and make Christmas Cookies.  Then everyone gets a holiday plate and fills it up with the different cookies to take home.  I made Peppermint Bark and brought it with me. It is getting rave reviews.  I used this recipe.

I feel like I have kicked by blahs to the curb and am ready to have a good week!  I am looking forward to an early morning run to start things off on the right foot!

Thursday: Progress and No Progress - It will be a great day for fans and players alike when the lockout ends and Gary Bettman is no longer the NHL Commissioner! ReplaceBettman.comThe blah’s continued into Thursday, with some help from a bad dream about the dog.  I had to get up and find her to get the dream to stop.  The dog is fine.

I gave myself Thursday off.  From exercise.  From worrying about what I eat.  From everything.  And I do feel a bit recharged and less blah.

And hey, guess what?  There is still no CBA in Hockey.  The league rejected yet another player proposal.  I think all of the players should go play in Finland.  Or Russia.  I would watch.  And don’t come back until there is a new Commissioner.

IMG_0312I did make two perfectly (to me) poached eggs today for lunch.  Aren’t they pretty?  Breakfast was half of a muffin.  There was an apple, an orange.  And then randomness of taquito’s, chips and salsa and an egg roll for dinner.  And a small glass of wine. know I am only in Season 3 of 24, but I want a new President.  Palmer is just not doing it for me anymore.  Take Sherri and David with you on your way out.

Wednesday: Blahs


Wednesday started out with the decision to give my knee a day off and hit the elliptical at the gym instead of run.  4 miles on the elliptical felt like torture.

But then there was a little red cup heaven.

The rest of the day was spent running errands but getting nothing much done. And eating too much.

And then I went to bed.