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Regarding: Pressure

Massive headache.  Since last night.  I am going to head to the gym to see if some endorphins will help.  Not much else is.  Stress?  Allergies? Barometric pressure?  Who knows or cares.  Just want it to go away.

Busy day today.  Meetings, lunch, PetsMart.  Lots going on around here.

What is going on with you today?

Weekend Recap

It is that time again.

The weekend was pretty quiet.  I made dinner on Friday night and the house smelled like PF Chang’s .  And then we watched some movie we had sitting around from Netflix.

Saturday was supposed to be Long Run Saturday.  But my run at the gym was cut short to 3 miles.  And then we did a 3 mile walk with the dogs later in the afternoon.  We had dinner with our good friends!  Dinner was GREAT.  Thank you Groupon.

Sunday was Sloth Sunday and we ran some errands. Then I cleaned up the cookies from Friday, made even MORE cookies, made soup and watched the Red Sox on TV.  And Moneyball.  Michael went to see Titanic 3D.  From what I understand, the boat still sinks.

It is Marathon Monday and Patriots Day, for those of us from Massachusetts.  Unfortunately NC does not recognize Patriots Day.  But I will keep up with the marathon on the computer and the Red Sox play at 11:00.  I have meetings but will do my best to keep up with everything going on up north.

Regarding: Nothing

My normal morning routine is to sit here, on the couch, and read other peoples blogs until a blog post occurs to me.

This morning, I got nothing.

It is Travel Tuesday and we do have a couple of trips coming up.  But nothing is jumping out at me there. Unless you want to hear about how Michael starts packing two and a half weeks in advance.   The dogs are outside.  The cat is poking holes in me.  Coffee is getting cold.  And I still have nothing.

I have one meeting, a trip to the gym later.  And my PetsMart gig tonight.  And still nothing.

Maybe later.

Weekend Recap

imageThanks to everyone for responding this weekend!  On weekend plans, race plans, etc.  It was great to read what everyone is up to.

My weekend was exactly what I thought it would be.  I did get around to making some AMAZING Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle cookies on Friday.  I only baked a few of them, as a taste test.  And the rest of the dough went into the freezer for later use.

Saturday’s long run of 6 miles went VERY well.   I went back to the park where I did a lot of my training for Las Vegas.  And then I managed to get through all of my errands.  Including the decisions, which you can see in the picture.  Sorry it is such a bad picture.

Sloth Sunday was a day of working around the house.  I cooked a easter-ish meal of roast beef.  And then we went to the movies.  And a friend came over to watch Game of Thrones.

Who else is watching?  And where can I get a direwolf of my own?

Sloth Sunday

Today will be a Sloth Sunday.  There maybe a little of this:

And maybe I can find one of these:

Google Image Result for had two.  One I gave away and the other was STOLEN from me.
And we may do this:

The Hunger Games (2012) - IMDb

What is on your plan for today?

Oh, and yesterday’s 6 miles went very well.  The rest of the day was errands.