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Summer Grumps - Congratulations to you and the Arctic ice cap on just barely surviving another summer.This was our first “summer” in Phoenix.  If you can call it that since we got here at the end of July.  And I can tell you, they can make you pretty grumpy.  But it can only get better and we now know that we can through an Arizona summer.

Speaking of grumpy.  I am still on the email list for our old neighborhood.  And a woman there is complaining about dogs pooping in her yard.  She is threatening to install camera’s to catch whoever is letting their dogs do that.  Yea, good luck with that.  Remember when I pointed out that children were walking through our yard, even though there was a sidewalk?  I was told to “focus on what really matters.”  Because being a considerate neighbor and respecting other peoples property is not at all what we want children to learn.  Good luck. At least they can’t blame my dogs.  And I guess you don’t have to be in the Phoenix heat to be grumpy.

The dogs have to go for their daycare “interview” today. Fingers crossed that Annabelle behaves.

Rode another 6 miles this morning.  My calf was feeling tight so I thought a run should wait.  But I will try to do my long run tomorrow.  Yesterday and today are BUSY days but tomorrow is pretty open.

Sloth Sunday

Today we are heading to a BBQ at my parent’s house.  I am bringing homemade guacamole.

The war for the thermostat continues.  But my enemy has revealed himself.  I will be victorious.

Yesterday was a GOOD day.  I made Banana Muffins and even managed to get them in the freezer.  The Bountiful Basket was full of yummy fruit, corn, potatoes,etc.  We went to Sam’s, Costco and I hit Target.  We found a cool sports bar with good wings and even OTB.

We are still getting back on track with bills and expenses.  Still paying setup fees and new premiums.  But we will get there.

I am in the process of upgrading the computers to Mountain Lion.  The desktop is done.  The laptop is next.

What is on your agenda for the rest of the long weekend?

Welcome to AZ and Monica

Natalie Dee comic: SSW there are some miserable squirrels in my yard * Text: I received our first Arizona power bill yesterday. WOW!  Let’s just say that wonder boy is going to learn to live with it a few degrees warmer in here.

And I was surprised at some things I read yesterday.  I read Monica’s blog over at Run Eat Repeat (everyone should check her out).  She confessed that at a family gathering over the weekend, she ate (or so she says) an entire watermelon.  I am not sure I believe her because her thing with watermelon has become sort of a running joke.  But it is not secret to anyone that reads her blog that she LOVES watermelon.

Anyway, someone chimed in with a comment that she is a binge eater ( she has been open about some potential issues with this in the past), has issues with disordered eating, etc.  And said reading her blog was like a train wreck.  You can read the comments for yourself if you so chose.

Eating too much of something in a day because it is delicious and you love it doesn’t necessarily equate to binge eating.  I have eaten pounds of carrots in a day.  I wasn’t binging.  There are other factors that make an episode “binging.”   I also have a strange thing for orange food.  It isn’t disordered eating.  I eat foods of other colors as well.  I just seem to like orange food (carrots, nectarines, peaches, sweet potatoes, etc).

Monica seems to be taking it all in stride.  I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with the way she eats.  She struggles with a few extra lbs that she would like to be rid of, like so many of us.  And she doesn’t always make the best choices to get her to her goal, like the rest of us.  But she is putting herself out there and doesn’t (seem to) take it all so seriously.

Chin up Monica!

Sweat Your Thorns Off

Adam writes at The Boring Runner and is incredibly funny.  He lives and runs in the greater Phoenix area.  I have never had a chance to meet him in person, but have done his virtual races in the past.  So I have to give a shout out for his virtual race.  Check out his race (and him) over at The Boring Runner!

And the Virtual Race…..

The Boring Runner: 3rd Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K!

Regarding: News

Front of house - 1310 E Pedro Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042Well, there has been a lot going on around here the past few months and it was purposely kept off the blogosphere.  But now it is time to share.

First:  We decided to put our house up for sale back in April.  That might (if anyone reads and remembers) help explain why I was doing so much cleaning and decorating this spring.  Does anyone remember the tips about getting hairspray stains off the walls.  Or all of the Magic Eraser work? Well, there you go.  And I can patch drywall like a champ!

Second:  It sold in May!  Our fabulous Realtor, Scott, sold our house in 32 days.  Coincidentally, he sold our last house in 32 days.  Very impressive.  Let me know if you are in the area and want a referral.

Third:  Michael has decided to leave his current job in search of other opportunities.  It was a difficult, but not hasty, decision for him.

Fourth:  We are moving to PHOENIX!  I just spend a week there looking for a rental house and we are all set to go in three weeks.  Michael is interviewing for jobs in the Phoenix area and even made a quick interview trip while I was out there.   We worked with a great realtor (Thomas) and he helped us find a place and get approved and everything signed in about 4 days.  The movers are coming to pack and load us.  We are DRIVING 2 dogs and 3 cats across the country in JULY.  INSANE!

In other news, I am going to start back on a half marathon training plan on Monday.  I don’t have a race in mind yet but need to follow something.  Crossfit is over and I am really missing it!  So I need to do something else.  I would love to continue with Crossfit, but it is expensive.  Maybe once we are back to two incomes.