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Long Run Saturday: Multitasking and Farms

The Farm at South Mountain | WelcomeOh, where to start?  The plan said 8 and I was shooting for ten. With a half marathon in 2 weeks (Yikes) I really wanted to get that double-digit run in.  But my longest run in MONTHS has been 6.  So was jumping to 10 unrealistic, not to mention risky?  Well, I managed 9.  A very slow 9.  Still not sure how I am going to get through 13 in 2 weeks.

Run: 9m/1:54:50

Mind you, I did all of that running on an empty stomach with just Propel Zero in my water bottle.  I read that doing “famished” runs helps you burn fat.  But only in runs over an hour.  So I figured some multitasking was in order.  Running AND burning fat at the same time.

When I got back, I just wanted the coldest thing possible.  That was more Propel and part of an orange.  The orange wasn’t very good.  So after a shower (and rocking the pink compression socks) I had a protein bar and a diet pepsi.  I always seem to want either a cold soda or a cold beer after a run.  And since it was 830am, the soda seemed more appropriate.

For lunch, I had a Groupon to The Farm at South Mountain.  We gathered up my sister and BIL (well, they drove to our house) and headed out.  It was rather warm, but we found a shady table to eat at.  The sandwiches were amazing and the pie looked even better.  Michael and I shared a flank steak sandwich and a chicken salad sandwich.  But the pie kept calling.  It will be dinner.

After that we hit up World of Maps (seriously) so that I could exchange  trail map I had bought on Amazon.  Turns out I bought the wrong one and instead of sending it back, I could just go to the store and exchange it.  I didn’t even know when I ordered it that they were right down the street.  I am not sure the map is all that helpful, but my sister had a great idea to throw it on the wall and keep track of the trails I have done.

The rest of the day was kind of odd.  There was chips and salsa and a couple of beers.  Then we headed out to an Oktoberfest that was small with not a lot to choose from.  I shared an apple strudel and then had a few bites of ice cream when I got home.

Friday: Dogs on Crack

I actually let myself get an extra 45 minutes sleep.  It was GREAT.  And then I did the Lolo Jones Core Workout from RW.  It felt like it could do some good!  And that was the extent of my workout.

I am on the fence about Long Run Saturday.  My longest run in quite a while is 6m.  But I am wanting to do at least 8 and hoping for 10.  Is that too much?  The half marathon is in 2 weeks and I feel that I could get through the 13 miles IF I can get through the 10.

Breakfast was overnight oats with crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chips.  A winner!

Lunch was a salad buffet with my mom.

There were snacks of a nectarine, carrots, and an apple.

Dinner was egg beaters with salsa, turkey sausage and pancakes.  Hey, I was carb loading for those 10 miles.  And I had some snack mix.

I don’t have pictures of any of it.

What I do have is the pictures you see.  Those are two large dogs, begging for doggie crack.  Otherwise knows as animal crackers.  Cheaper (and smaller) than Milk Bones.

Thursday: All good things…

Rainbow CupcakesMust come to an end.  It was bound to happen.  This mornings run was not full of rainbows and cupcakes like the other two have been this week.  Was it the cupcakes?  Probably not.  But I ran the 4.  Pace was good.  But it just didn’t feel as easy.  But hey, it got done.  And getting it done when it feels hard should mean more than getting it done when it feels easy.

Run: 4miles / 46:40

Hey look, its a rainbow OF cupcakes!  LOL!

Breakfast was coffee and a protein bar.  I need to whip up some oats for tomorrow.  PB and Choc Chips as a Friday treat!

There was then a nectarine and some carrots.

Lunch was egg beaters with salsa and an english muffin.  It was GOOD!  After that was a peach and more carrots.

Dinner was a turkey burger, some leftover salad and corn on the cob.  I saved just enough room in my day for a couple of unfrosted cupcakes!

I have been letting the scale get to me lately.  My weight and BMI are healthy.  And I know I am eating healthy food.  I am eating healthier right now that I have in a long time.   The only thing that nags at me is that I might be a tick faster if I were a little bit lighter. Even 5lbs lighter.  And when you run as slow as I do, every second off of a pace means a lot.  But I will keep trying to eat healthy and let the scale take care of itself.

Did anyone watch Survivor last night?  Without spoiling it, I thought it was a bit dull.  And that the wrong person went home.  Probster needs to get back on his game.  Hopefully things will pick up when they start with the reward challenges.

Wednesday: Shop by Color

I can TOTALLY be bribed.  I can even bribe myself.  I told myself all day yesterday (and on Twitter and on Facebook) that I could have cupcakes IF I ran the 6 miles this morning.  DONE!  And it was a good 6 miles.  I KILLED the hill that is Central.  Which is more than 1/2 mile long.  I finished with my fastest mile.  And really did feel satisfied with the effort and the results.  WHAT the hell is going on this week?  2 good runs so far.

Run:  6miles / 67:50

Breakfast was… guessed it.  A cupcake.  They are just plain, Dunkin Hines Devils Food cupcakes.  No frosting.  PERFECT.

There was an apple and some carrots.

Lunch was yet ANOTHER round of Chicken Tortilla soup.  I think that might be about it for the soup.  I am on the only one in this house eating the leftovers.  And 4 times in one week might be enough.

And then another cupcake.  Hey, at 130 calories apiece and a 6 mile run today, I am good to go on the cupcakes.  And I had a peach (see below).

Dinner was a boneless pork chop with salad and corn.  I dipped the pork chop in the salsa you will read about below.

I ran to Sam’s Club this morning to buy grown-up sized notebooks (see yesterday).  I was also looking for eggs, fruit, chicken sausages (for my sister) and half and half.  What I ended up finding was notebooks, eggs, salsa, PB M&M, pb chips, dish soap and egg beaters. I did manage to resist the OMG-they-are-so-pretty package of ultra fine Sharpies.

So off to Costco I went for fruit, chicken wings, and half and half.  What I got was nectarines, peaches, carrots, corn, half and half and beer.  Proof of the orange food obsession.  I already have sweet potato fries or I would have bought those as well!

Just a quick book recommendation for anyone that needs a good one: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.  It was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I don’t at all think it matters if you like baseball or not.  The writing is amazing.

Tuesday: Shrinking eyelids and notebooks

Hotmail - nfoste2245@hotmail.comJust the deal I had been waiting for! What could be more American than plastic surgery with a coupon?  Although, I have always said that the one thing I would take care of with surgery is my droopy eyelids.  Tempting.  But that is also more than a week in Cancun costs.  I would rather go to Cancun.

Today was a cross training day. Which meant a bike ride.  I got a bit of a late start but it was still gorgeous out.  Because of the late start, there was more traffic out so I was avoiding the actual streets.  I did laps around the neighborhood.  6 laps.   I have been happy with my progress on the bike.  I am more confident, my turns are becoming more steady and my speed is picking up.

Bike: 9 miles / 47:30

Breakfast was a late call.  I had early conference calls and just couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat.  So I tried a Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Kind bar.  It was pretty good.  Later, there was an apple.

Lunch was more Chicken Tortilla Soup leftovers.  No need to rehash that.

Dinner was Mexican food.  I had garlic shrimp, some rice and a piece of garlic toast.  It would not have been appropriate to take a picture in front of Michaels’ colleagues that I had just met.

Ok, for like 2 weeks I have been craving devils food cupcakes.  Or any kind of devils food cake.  I have no idea where this is coming from.  But something needs to be done soon.  Wed is a longer run day.  Maybe I can squeeze it in there.  Or maybe it should be the fuel FOR the run.  No, definitely after.  Don’t tempt yourself with the until the run is done!

A month or so, I picked up some notebooks on clearance from the back to school sales.  I can’t even remember what I paid for them, but they were cheap.  I pulled on out of the drawer today to use and found that it is NOT the same size as my other notebooks.  This just bothers me!  I will have to check Sam’s for the notebooks I like.