Welcome to AZ and Monica

Natalie Dee comic: SSW there are some miserable squirrels in my yard * Text: I received our first Arizona power bill yesterday. WOW!  Let’s just say that wonder boy is going to learn to live with it a few degrees warmer in here.

And I was surprised at some things I read yesterday.  I read Monica’s blog over at Run Eat Repeat (everyone should check her out).  She confessed that at a family gathering over the weekend, she ate (or so she says) an entire watermelon.  I am not sure I believe her because her thing with watermelon has become sort of a running joke.  But it is not secret to anyone that reads her blog that she LOVES watermelon.

Anyway, someone chimed in with a comment that she is a binge eater ( she has been open about some potential issues with this in the past), has issues with disordered eating, etc.  And said reading her blog was like a train wreck.  You can read the comments for yourself if you so chose.

Eating too much of something in a day because it is delicious and you love it doesn’t necessarily equate to binge eating.  I have eaten pounds of carrots in a day.  I wasn’t binging.  There are other factors that make an episode “binging.”   I also have a strange thing for orange food.  It isn’t disordered eating.  I eat foods of other colors as well.  I just seem to like orange food (carrots, nectarines, peaches, sweet potatoes, etc).

Monica seems to be taking it all in stride.  I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with the way she eats.  She struggles with a few extra lbs that she would like to be rid of, like so many of us.  And she doesn’t always make the best choices to get her to her goal, like the rest of us.  But she is putting herself out there and doesn’t (seem to) take it all so seriously.

Chin up Monica!

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I am approaching 40 and have been married since my early 20's. I have become more than a little frustrated with having to answer incredibly personal questions about my choice to not have children. It is apparently taboo to talk about religion and politics, but confronting me about my reproductive choices is fair game. It is not a choice I made alone, quickly or lightly. My husband and I made it together. I am not "withholding" children or grandchildren from anyone. There is an astonishing lack of understanding over the idea that it is an actual choice, to have a child or not. There is also an amazing lack of support, discussion and resources for those like me, that have made the choice. This is not a blog for kid-haters, or mocking people for having kids. It is a place where we can talk about living full lives, without kids, and without guilt.

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