Movie Review Monday: Prometheus

Prometheus (2012) - IMDbWe finally made it to see Prometheus.  As a long-time Aliens fan, I was excited to see this.

From IMDB:  A team of scientists travels through the universe on the spaceship “Prometheus” on a voyage to investigate Alien life forms. The team of scientists becomes stranded on an Alien world, and as they struggle to survive it becomes clear that the horrors they experience are not just a threat to themselves, but to all of mankind. Written by WellardRockard

I LIKED it.  I knew that Ridley Scott wasn’t the one calling it a “prequel,” but I also knew going in that there was a string connecting them all together.  So I was anxious to see how he walked that very fine line.  And I was not disappointed. We did NOT see it in 3D (I am not a huge fan) and still the story was well crafted and the effects supported the story but did not overpower it.

In fact, we had to throw in Alien this weekend to see just how much they connected together.

The debate:  Was the ship found in Alien (the original) the ship that crashed at the end of Prometheus?  Did they land on the same planet?  Or was the ship in Alien the ship that took off from the planet in Prometheus and somehow crashed later?  Discuss.

My rating:  3.5 Gummies


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