Travel Tuesday: Sandals Halcyon, St Lucia

We spent last week at the Sandals Halcyon Resort in St Lucia.  Our friends went down on Wed and we met them there on Sat.  St Lucia and Sandals have a great setup in that there are 3 resorts (The Grande and La Toc are the other two) and no matter which one you stay at, you have access to all 3.

We chose the Halcyon for a few reasons.  First and honestly foremost, it was a bit cheaper than the others.  But the more we researched the more we were happy with our choice.  It is in the middle of the 3, which makes it easy to get to the other two.  And it is reviewed as the quietest of the 3.

We were NOT disappointed at all.  The resort was compact and the crowd was diverse and a bit more mature (in action, not necessarily age).  Although some listed it as a negative on Trip Advisor, there were at least a dozen cats all over the resort and I LOVED it.  Some were definitely friendlier than others and one adopted us immediately.  And toads.  EVERYWHERE.  Check out this guy.

We did spend one day at the Grande, where our friends were staying.  The beach was definitely nicer than the Halcyon.  The pool was more of a Vegas type environment.  Good for one day, but not sure I would have wanted it that way all week.

Another possible downside to the Halcyon was that it backs up to a pretty busy road and there were reports of noise in some of the rooms.  But I wear earplugs to bed and don’t care.  Michael said he didn’t really hear the noise either.  Our room was towards the end of a building and we loved that because people weren’t walking by all the time.  We had a nice little patio and got to chat with our neighbors from time to time.

The food is better is some of the restaurants than others.  We ate the Italian at all 3 resorts and were not at all disappointed.  And the French restaurant at La Toc was AMAZING.  Thank You to Eileen and Nick for making the reservations before we got there.

We went on a snorkeling trip which included a stop in Marigot Bay (Oprah has a house there), a view of the Petons, some great photo ops, fish, dolphins, drinks, etc.  That was an afternoon trip and well worth the little extra we paid.

The entire week, we had one little rain shower for about 20 minutes.  Michael said it rained at like 5am one day, but I didn’t see it so it didn’t happen.

I can’t fit all the pictures here but am happy to share more of them if there is an outcry for MORE pictures! Oh, and Michael is the ONLY person I know that can go all the way to St Lucia and run into someone he knows on a resort bus.  NOT KIDDING. We have a picture to prove it.

One more for the road.


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  1. Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit a Sandals. I almost went to the one in Antigua on my first honeymoon, but now that I’ve visited Antigua, I’m happy I waited. I love the photos and cry out “MORE!” Glad it was so nice.

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