Regarding: Royalty


There are two things that I REALLY like about my gym.

1. they have a daycare center so the place isn’t crawling with kids.  They aren’t even allowed in the locker rooms.  They are safely locked away in a room of their own.


I didn’t even realize it was free until last night.  I saw two teens walk up to the basketball game and just start playing.  Which got me thinking, I be the air hockey is free too!

And I am still the queen. The queen of the stupid sports.  I beat Michael 6-4 in regulation.  The stupid sports would include darts and pool.  And just about anything non-gun related on the Wii.  I cannot however grasp fooseball.  Too much going on in that game.

My RockBand needs a drummer.  Anyone interested?


About nfoste2245

I am approaching 40 and have been married since my early 20's. I have become more than a little frustrated with having to answer incredibly personal questions about my choice to not have children. It is apparently taboo to talk about religion and politics, but confronting me about my reproductive choices is fair game. It is not a choice I made alone, quickly or lightly. My husband and I made it together. I am not "withholding" children or grandchildren from anyone. There is an astonishing lack of understanding over the idea that it is an actual choice, to have a child or not. There is also an amazing lack of support, discussion and resources for those like me, that have made the choice. This is not a blog for kid-haters, or mocking people for having kids. It is a place where we can talk about living full lives, without kids, and without guilt.

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