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Race Recap: Arizona Half Marathon

This is where we started.  It was a beautiful course.  Gorgeous scenery, rolling hills, well manned (for the size) water stops and big mileage markers.  The start time of 8:30 may have been a bit late for the weather, but this is unusually warm weather for this time of year in the Phoenix area.  They had plenty of water, apples, oranges and bagels, even for our late arrival at the finish.  It was a well run event.

My sister was there with me and we ran, we walked, we talked, and generally had a good time.  But the day was not what I had hoped for.  There are no excuses.  I finished the 13.1 miles.  Just not the way I had planned.  It was not my day.  And I am tired of over-analyzing and beating myself up for every bad run.  They have happened before and they will happen again.

I will say it was hot and I thought (at the time) that I was dehydrated.  I had G2 and added water from the water stops (bottled).  But in hindsight and more conversation, the issue may have actually be over-hydrating.  Either way, it wasn’t a great feeling.

The plain truth may be that I just don’t want to pay the price it takes (during the race) for PR’s.  Maybe it is something I can train for, feeling uncomfortable and pushing myself physically (and mentally).  Or this could have just been another bad run.  Right now I just don’t know.  I like races and might just drop the pressure of goals or PR’s.  Again, I can’t keep beating myself up or this just isn’t fun anymore.

So, as any runner does after a bad race, I ask myself what is next?  For right now, nothing.  Recovery.  Ask me again in a week.

Regarding: Finally

Arizona Half Marathon & 5k - Part of the Hometown Race SeriesToday is it!  The race is in 2 hours and 43 minutes.  Kind of a late start, especially for Arizona.  But nice in a way.

Race Strategy: Nice, even pacing.   Check in each 5k.  Strong finish.

Goals: I have an A, B and C goal.  You will have to wait and find out!

We had a GREAT time working at packet pickup yesterday.  It went by in a flash. The race organizer were very grateful for our help and nice as could be.  I wish them success.

What are your plans for today?

Food Friday: Arizona Eats

Since I am out of town, there will be no baking or new recipe to share this week.  Instead, I will tell you about my fix of Arizona food while I am here.

Two Things:  The Good Egg and Sweet Tomatoes.  We don’t have either of these things in NC and so they are a must each time.

Breakfast Places Phoenix | Breakfast Restaurant Phoenix

The Good Egg is an incredible (edible egg) breakfast place.  I had the SunDevil Scramble with potatoes and an english muffin.  The scramble is eggs, tomatoes, peppers, onions and salsa.  YUMMO!

Sweet Tomatoes Coupons, Sweet Tomatoes Printable CouponSweet Tomatoes is a salad buffet but it is so much more than that.  There is also pasta, pizza, soup, and desserts.  We are going there today for lunch!  And then we head out to volunteer at race packet pickup!

Just one more day!

Regarding: Action

My Blackberry is blowing up with over 170 emails of “reply all” to a global message that was sent out. Lovely.  It is the most action my Blackberry has seen in months.

Yesterdays travel went fine.  No problems before. The flight itself was choppy as hell.  Not choppy enough to make you sick but choppy enough that I can’t read any of my crossword puzzles.  And I was in the very last row. So it took a while for all of the artificial limbs to get up and moving once we landed.

The kid sitting across from me was coming out to Arizona to try out for the Oakland A’s.  He seemed calm, on the outside.  And I saw several other baseball players at the airport. How do I know, you might ask?  The big bags of rattling bats gave them away.  Cactus League is big out here.  Pitchers and Catchers reported on Monday.

And finally, in the most exciting news of yesteeday, Tuomo Ruutu, the Hurricanes star forward, signed 4 year deal to stay in North Caroline.  This takes one of the most sought-after forwards from the market 4 days before the trade deadline!

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, Feb 22

Those are my boys,  Brandon Sutter and Tim Gleason.  It is blurry, but there they are.

As you read this I am in a tin can, flying across the country.  Hopefully, things have gone smoothly to this point and will continue to go smoothly.  Once I land in Phoenix, I will swing by my sisters house and then on to my parents house.  But if Survivor is on at my sisters when I get there, all bets are off!

Food:  Breakfast was the same as it always is. Coffee and protein bar.  I am trying to get a decent lunch in before I head to the airport.  That will be my Egg Beaters scramble with red peppers and onions, turkey sausage and an english muffin (see WIAW).  It is starting to sound like Groundhogs Day.  “Dinner” will have to be something portable and maybe even on the plane.  Another protein bar?  And a piece of fruit maybe.  I don’t know really.

Fitness: AIRPORT walking!