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Food Friday: Mint M&M Cookies


I just couldn’t resist these M&M’s when I saw them in Target.  It was the seductive Lady M&M on the bag.

I used this cookie recipe and substituted the mint M&M’s for regular.  Incredibly good decision.

I made them with every intention of pawning them off on my in-laws last night at our Christmas Celebration.  But that was postponed so these puppies are on the plane with us.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, Dec 22

Thunderstorm Forecast - weather.comWhere is all this rain coming from?  And the storms should be reaching us just in time for our pre-dawn ride to the airport.

I did get everything done on my list.  Dogs are at “camp.”  And our Christmas Celebration with my in-laws has been postponed until after our trip (illness) and that frees up our evening to spend just the two of us!

Food:  Breakfast was pumpkin bread (Quality Control) and coffee. And a cookie.  Lunch was a mango smoothie with a handful of chex mix and some animal crackers.  Not sure what dinner will bring!

Fitness:  I did 3 miles on the treadmill and then tried to foam roll my shoulder.  Didn’t really help.  Hopefully those 4 Advil will instead.

Tomorrow is travel day!

Regarding: Lists


You all know by now that I love lists.  Making them, crossing things off them, adding things JUST so I can cross them off.

I have even added to this list since I took the picture.  And done things that are not on it.  I need to add them.

Busy day and we are out of here tomorrow.  Better get to it.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, Dec 21


Today was yet another boring (and rainy) day.  I even took the dogs to the gas station just to get them out of the house.

Food: I had coffee for breakfast.  Lunch was egg beaters, turkey sausage and an english muffin.  I had random snacks of an apple, a handful of chex mix, a pretzel and a few animal crackers. Dinner will be at the HOCKEY GAME.

Fitness:  I did a few minutes on the treadmill, then 20 minutes on the bike and some weights.  The sauna felt great.

We are heading to the Hurricanes game tonight. We head to Phoenix on Fri and yet we get to see them play hockey here in NC tonight.  We need points.

I totally forgot to do What I Ate Wednesday.  Oh well.  Next week then.

Website Review: Replacements, Ltd

Replacements, Ltd.Replacements, Ltd started as a man’s hobby.  As he traveled the world, he would hunt down replacement pieces of china patterns for his friends.  Eventually, he decided to turn his hobby into a worldwide business.

While I am lucky enough to live about 20 minutes away from their call center, showroom, warehouse and museum, you can take advantage of their services online.

Whether you are looking for a missing piece of your china, crystal or silver pattern or searching for a new pattern all together, Replacements can help.  I went there on Saturday to find a winter or holiday pattern.  I just wanted a few plates to spice up my dining room table.  When the ones I had seen online didn’t thrill me, the woman there was able to recommend others that I hadn’t see before.  And I ended up with George and Gracie!

If you are in the Triad (NC) area it is worth a visit.  Or browse the website and search around.

PS: Replacements has also been featured on Animal Planet and the Travel Channel for being one of the most PET FRIENDLY places to visit and work.  Employees can bring their (well-trained) dogs to work and visitors are welcome to bring their (leashed) dogs in as well!