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Daily Mood Alert: Fri, Oct 28

No official mood alert today because it is HOCKEY NIGHT.

I will update you tomorrow on the hockey game, the weather, the long run, etc.

Regarding: Prego

What I really want to eat is:

But maybe I should stick to this:

As you may have read, my 14 mile long run is in question for tomorrow.  We have a 90% chance of rain and a morning low of 36 degrees.  This girl doesn’t run in the rain.  Race maybe, but not run.  It should clear up by the afternoon.  So, the question is: Will I run in the afternoon?  Or push it to Sunday?

I will run in the afternoon.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sloth Sundays and if that means running in the afternoon, I will do it.  Prego it is!!!  And for lunch, since we have a hockey game tonight.  How long do carbs last?

Food Friday: Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

I have had a craving for coconut macaroons.  And after a recent find at Sam’s Club (more on that later), I thought this recipe would be PERFECT to try.  You can find it here.

There is no cookie more simple to put together than a macaroon. Coconut, an egg white, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and some salt.  That is it!  Mix it together, goop it into the shape of a cookie and bake it.

Takes about 20 minutes and they come out of the oven looking like this.

But I wasn’t done there.  I found this recently at Sam’s.  I have seen it there before and used it before.  It always seems to make an appearance near the holidays and I keep my eyes open for it.

So the cookies from above turned into this:

But wait, I wasn’t done there either.  Because I apparently melted too much chocolate for just the batch of cookies, I went searching through the kitchen for other things to dip in chocolate.  I asked Michael, but he respectfully declined to be dipped.  I can up with this.  Can you tell what they are?

ANIMAL CRACKERS!!!  My very own chocolate dipped safari! Enjoy.

Daily Mood Alert: Thurs, Oct 27

Our meeting with our new financial advisor went very well.  I feel like my over-training blues are fading away.  And Michael got notified of an interview for one of the jobs he applied for!  YEA Michael!!!

Product Review: Sharpies

I am a pen junkie!  An office supply addict.  The first step is acknowledging that I have a problem.  I can’t help it. When I find a pen I like, I will stock up!

So here you have my new obsession, the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point.  80’s Glam!!!  What could be better.  I picked mine up local but you can find them at Sharpie Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers, 24-Pack Colored Markers (32893)

I write nice and neat with these pens.  I don’t know why.  And sometimes they do bleed through to the page below.  But not so much that I can’t use the page.  And I LOVE being able to just pick a color!

If you read my Mood Alerts, I fill them out with these Sharpies.

What else can I say?