Travel Tuesday: The Biltmore

It occurred to me this morning that one of the first trips to Cancun was the first time I had a digital camera on my travels.  So as I think back on trips older than that, I am dealing with all actual photo prints.

And my scrapbook.Yes, I scrapbook.  We haven’t even skimmed the surface of the depth of my geekyness.  We will get there someday.

So, I will have to really stretch and take pictures of the photo’s in my scrapbook.  I apologize for any quality issues.

One year I decided I wanted to go to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville for my birthday.  Since my birthday is in the spring, I wanted to go see the tulip festival.  We had a recommendation for a “transitional” Bed And Breakfast ( as in you didn’t feel like you were in someone’s house but it was charming and cozy), The Red Rocker Inn, and off we went.

Turns out there had been a big rainstorm that week and all of the tulips were gone, but there is still the house and winery to see.

The Biltmore is nice.  To me, once you have seen someone’s big, fancy house you have seen it.  So I don’t feel the need to rush back there.  Although I hear you have to see it decorated for Christmas.  The wine is so-so but the winery is very nice.  They have nice, intimate concerts there in the summer (but I couldn’t get Michael to go see Allison Krauss and Union Station).  There is an Inn but we haven’t stayed there.  I hear it is VERY nice.

Asheville itself is a very cool, artsy kind of place.  You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO eat at Tupelo Honey Cafe if you go there.  UNBELIEVABLY GOOD.

PS: The breakfast at the Red Rocker Inn was AMAZING.  I do recommend staying there.

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  1. I went to college at UNC-Asheville and I love that town! Tupelo Honey was my favorite restaurant….SO. GOOD. Did you had their peach pancakes with spiced pecan honey butter? Out of this world. Next time you go back you should also check out Early Girl Eatery, another favorite. Asheville really does have some of the best, most creative restaurants that I’ve ever been to. I hope to live there again sometime, but I’m committed to Indiana for at least the next 3 years 😦 I miss the Blue Ridge mountains!

  2. Doh! …did you *have* I mean… Wow, its been a long day.

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