Monday routine update…

I did make it up, out and to the gym before 7am. That by itself is a miracle. I did 4 miles on the elliptical and .5 miles on the treadmill. It was all supposed to be running but my knee felt sore. Maybe from the race effort. So I thought better on the elliptical than not at all.

Anyway, I did my vitamins in the car and then made my coffee when I got home. I would have been right on track if I had gotten straight into the shower. But I didn’t. I messed around with work for about a half hour.

I have already learned that blogging at the gym won’t work. So, do I draft the night before and schedule the post? Or add it to the routine when I get home?

It’s progress.

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  1. I struggle with my morning routine too. I’d love to workout in the a.m. just to get it out of the way, but I already get up at 6 to fully caffeinate myself before my hour commute. I cannot imagine getting up any earlier. I’ve heard that coffee can counteract some vitamins (specifically calcium) so its best to not consume them together. It’ll be interesting to see if you notice any differences taking your vitamins at least 30 minutes before drinking coffee. Good luck with the schedule renovations. I hope you find something that works for you!

    • Thanks. This first week will be the roughest. I am already starting to drag, even though I didn’t really get up any earlier. Just have to keep telling myself that. You got the same amount of sleep. Same amount!
      An hour commute? Where do you work?

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