Regarding: Sidewalks

Do you see what that is across the street from my house?  In case it is not familiar to you, it is a sidewalk.

When we walk our dogs, ON THE SIDEWALK, we are careful not to let our dogs wander into someone else’s yard.  It is not their place.  And yet for some reason, there are children in our neighborhood who are taught that it is ok to walk from one end of the street to the other, THROUGH the yards.  Instead of the sidewalk.

I say it that way on purpose.  Because it is the JOB of a parent, by definition, to teach their children what is acceptable conduct in regards to other people’s property.  I don’t have kids, but I am fairly sure that teaching children appropriate behavior is part of the job.  And if  a child is consistently walking through other people’s yards, then quite clearly they have not been taught that this not the correct way to travel through the neighborhood.

So please, if you child is big enough to walk down the street unaccompanied, then I am sure they are big enough to cross the street and use the sidewalk to get where they are going.

I am not really trying to be THAT person in the neighborhood.  But I work from home full-time and see what goes on.  I could start walking my dogs in the middle of the day, through the yards.  But what good would that do if no one else is here to see it.

About nfoste2245

I am approaching 40 and have been married since my early 20's. I have become more than a little frustrated with having to answer incredibly personal questions about my choice to not have children. It is apparently taboo to talk about religion and politics, but confronting me about my reproductive choices is fair game. It is not a choice I made alone, quickly or lightly. My husband and I made it together. I am not "withholding" children or grandchildren from anyone. There is an astonishing lack of understanding over the idea that it is an actual choice, to have a child or not. There is also an amazing lack of support, discussion and resources for those like me, that have made the choice. This is not a blog for kid-haters, or mocking people for having kids. It is a place where we can talk about living full lives, without kids, and without guilt.

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  1. You crack me up!

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