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Did we get lucky or what?!

Now that you know how Annabelle came to adopt us, let me tell you that I could not have asked for a better first dog.  We decided to crate train her until we knew how she would be with the other 4-legged kids in our house (cats).  As soon as we set up the crate on that first evening, she went right in it on her own and laid down.  She looked at us as if to say, what took you so long?  We thought well, who knows what else she knows.  So we started throwing commands at her.  Turns out she knew: sit, stay, shake and down.  We have managed to add to that, despite ourselves really.  Now she also knows: up, couch, toy, and off.  She really is smarter than the rest of us.  Which means that she picks and chooses when she wants to remember any of these commands.

Our Test Case – Annabelle

So we adopted Annabelle back in Nov of 2005 as our “trial run” for parenting.  We figured we would ruin the dog and then, after perfecting our style, ruin some kids. But we never made it past the dog.  And we don’t plan to.  I found Annabelle on  Michael had always wanted a doberman and the name Annabelle had always been on my baby name list.  A match made in heaven.  And she was already almost 2 when we adopted her, great for me since I didn’t want to go through the whole puppy training thing.  We found her at the local shelter, or Michael did, nibbling on her kennel-mates’ ear.  Very kind of her.  We played with her for a while and brought her home.    She is my first dog and to say I am bit neurotic about the dogs is a massive understatement.

Here is her “baby” picture:

I'll just sit on the floor

This is what happens when the Solo, aka Bark, thinks that EVERY seat in the house belongs to him. Even when you are already in it. I wouldn’t cave to his whining and barking and ended up with a 70 lb hound in my lap.

Exactly who should have been in the chair and who should have been on the floor was too long of a discussion to have at the time. Especially since we were all catching up on True Blood at the time.

Next time, I will curl up on the dog bed!
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Stop the Madness…..

Well, it has been a rough couple of days on the ranch.  After an exuberant, although short-lived, welcome home, we hit a rough patch.  A stray dog decided to take up patrol in the neighborhood on Wednesday.  Solo sees that as an invasion of his territory and makes sure that anyone on the street (and in a 20 mile radius) is aware of his displeasure.  My ears are still ringing.  Of course, he decides to do all of this while I am hosting and facilitating a conference call.  So everyone on the call had the pleasure of hearing him.  Just one more challenge for those of us that work from home. 

Then the neighbor decided to work in the yard yesterday.  THE NERVE!  Doesn’t he know he wasn’t on Solo’s schedule?  And the cleaning people come, which means time in the yard for the dogs.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Not too hot, not too humid.  And actually the dogs did better with that than with the neighbor being out.

And it continues.  In the middle of the night, both dogs start barking and howling.  Seems there was a fire truck on the street with its lights on.  I will have to find out the scoop on that later.  The eight year old next door usually has accurate information on anything going on. 

Let’s hope for a calm, and by that I mean QUIET, start to the weekend.  I have a long to-do list today.  Maybe Solo can help me get some of it done. 

Welcome Back Kotter

So, this is apparently what the dogs do when I am not home. I spent some time in Alabama this weekend visiting my best girlfriend (just to be clear, she was my best friend BEFORE she became a veterinarian!). The dogs seemed terribly upset that I was gone and had trouble mustering themselves off the couch (where is that sarcasm font when I need it?).

Of course, when I got home there was jumping, wagging and yes, barking. No one welcomes you home like a dog!  And then they got right back on the couch.  Solo finally decided to eat his dinner.  Or was it breakfast?  Either way, at least he ate.  More on that another time.